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Creating spaces that enhance the human experience 

Architecture not only reflects our culture and time, but also molds it. As architects and designers, we create environments to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, work and play. It is our elemental humanity that moves us to do great things, create places that are a catalyst to activity and bring joy to the human spirit.

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Architectural Design

Comprehensive building design team, including:

Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Designers & Draftspersons

Mechanical • Electrical • Facilities • Marine • Machine • Civil • Mechanisms • Piping • HVAC • Structural • Technical Illustrator •

  • Conceptual design phase services
  • Construction Drawings
  • Space planning & design
  • Schematic design & cost budgeting
  • Design development phase services
  • Renderings & graphic presentations
  • Building models
  • Consultation

Throughout the construction process, the staff  at AASG will work with your team to keep everyone up to date with the latest information.


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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture at AASG involves the design of scenescapes at a variety of scales—whether it be large multi-functional projects to small, intimate spaces. Innovative materials research, landscape technologies and lifestyles coupled with a passionate understanding of how people use outdoor spaces enhances our unique design process.

Scope of Services:

Site Planning & Irrigation Design
Concept Design
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation
Construction Observation
Project Management

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Committed to Community and Growth

Keeping the pulse on patterns and opportunity forecasts

Unique among design firms, AASG works within a broad cut section of the world’s economy. This access provides us insights into the issues driving change across these markets. To aid as businesses navigate the impact of industry trends in the current environment, our publications and thought leadership explore how design turns client challenges to competitive advantage.